iPhone 12 - 5G Speed

  • Frederik Lipfert Avatar
By Dr. Frederik Lipfert, Chief Executive Officer
Updated on February 17, 2021

The experience of surfing with 5G on a new iPhone 12 varies a lot by country as well as by mobile carrier. We've put together the internet speeds people experienced in the field over the weekend of the iPhone 12 release.

The recent release of the iPhone 12, boasting 5G support, certainly caught the attention of many iPhone fans alike. While there is a lot of excitement around the 5G capability of the iPhone 12, concerns have emerged over whether initial mobile carrier coverage would allow for significantly faster and more stable internet connections — seeing as 5G is a relatively new wireless network standard. We analyzed our 5G speed test data recorded with Speedcheck for iOS on iPhone 12 for the most popular mobile carries. The results below show the average and maximum download speeds users achieved since the launch of the new iPhone 12 for each mobile carrier.

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